Notes from John Baxter.....

The guy at the edge is not saddled with the paradigm - the thought process of "this is how it is supposed to be done" they are the thought shifters

??can students shift paradigms.... do they cause the shift or do we shift to be better?

Three Levels of Instruction:
Monitor - watch
Teach - assembly line
Coaching - I will instruct you until you get it or we run out of time - the show must go on

It's not ok to blow an assignment (to accept less than their best) - we have to expect their best.

A problem: the "interdisciplinary education" teacher stays and students move from subject to subject
talent alone will not win - application of talent (execution) will win

Google: Glenn Mills School (reform school)
"They redefine cool"

Education is building bridges - as many as possible.

Chain breakers get immense social pressure to not "leave the herd".

Horses are prey animals, dogs are predators.

external image QuarterHorseFilly2Weeks1.JPG

Prey animals want three things: safety, comfort and play
Prey have bilateral vision and travel in herds, the circle is "it"
external image Dog%2520Growl.jpg
Predatory animals want: praise, recognition and material things
Predators have binocular vision to spot their targets

The pressure motivates, but the release teaches.

The greatest challenge of a teacher: To inspire future learning.

Teachers have come to grips with the fact that they are sowers, not reapers.

a teacher will never see the result of all of their hard work

The Banned Seven Words (shaping our culture):

Replacement: Not yet able to, I choose not to



Pretty Good

Replacement: Exact results


I don't have the the technique or desire


I have the technique


Replacement: Not the result I wanted