Screencasting is it the new podcasting?

What is screencasting?

1. The capturing of all the movement between files and folders on a computer screen.
2. Screencasts can have audio or no audio at all

Why would you want to screencast?

1. Screencasting is useful for teaching and demonstrating your curriculum
2. Screencasts are typically used to demonstrate or show how to use or do something
3. It is a time saving and cost effective way of distributing curriculum
4. The beginnings of a video library or online tutorial library
5. Screencasting occurs one of two ways. By installing software on your computer or it can be done over the internet without having anything installed on your computer
6. Screencasts can be started on the fly
7. Like podcasts, screencasts can be uploaded to iTunes and or embedded in web pages

How is Screencasting different from Podcasting?

1. A podcast typically is a file collection of audio, video or both
2. The files are then assembled or placed together
3. The final product is either an audio or video file
4. Podcasting usually requires video and audio programs installed on your computer

Screencasting Software List

1. Jing
2. Camtasia Studio
3. Community Clips (a plug in for MS Office)

Online Screencasting Sites

1. Screentoaster-
3. YoHelpOnline-

Links of Screencasting Software

Your challenge is to begin screencasting and then placing that content up on iTunes University for everyone in your district to access and to showcase what you are doing as a district.
Currently there isn’t a single k-12 school district using this free resource

Here is a link to several I have created