Gradebook Plan
We need to use the gradebook in a unified manner.
50% of our kids are coming from North Fork and they have a very strong culture
in their grading policy....Gayle will share some of their techniques with us.

Take a look at Powerteacher 1.6
Powerteacher allows us to attach web pages and Office type docs to your assignments....among other improvements.

Initial ideas:

No zeros, unless the student scored nil.

Instead, there should be feedback for parents and students:

• A for Absent: (the student was legitimately not there on the day of the assignment or its collection).

• M for Missing: (The student has not turned in the assignment).

• I for Incomplete: (The student has tried to turn in the assignment, but has been rejected).

• L for late

• Grades need to be timely: Entered on the day of completion whenever possible.

• Let's use points and not weight assignments using the computer > students and parents can't decode the resulting grade.

This is a powerful strategy:

Extra points for assignments done early. No extra credit. If kids want extra credit, they have finish work early.