Our First Event:
SSLAM - September 16, 2008

Why all the internet fuss? It's all about text.....

Keep your kids safe online with these FREE tools:**


1. Set up your XP or Vista computer to have several "accounts", one for the kids and a separate one for you.
This could save your computer from viruses, unwanted programs and even save your family pictures.
We suggest having an account for mom and dad, one for teens, one for preteens and a separate account
for those under 9 years old.

It's quite simple and the instructions are here: http://www.microsoft.com/windowsxp/using/setup/winxp/accounts.mspx

2. Install K9 Web Filter, also free:

This tool allows parents to keep the scary part of the internet away from you kids. K9 will:
• Limit internet access times
• Block sites on four different levels (URL specific, moderate, minimal or none, with history)
• Report on all sites that were attempted and blocked
• K9 will lock out you student if they attempt inappropriate sites too many times in one hour
• Totally block sites at your leisure (Myspace, Facebaook, etc)
Click to download!

3. Great resources for teaching Digital Citizenship